Online Tutoring

Impulse Learning tutoring service works to give students individualized or small group attention for any subject they may need assistance. We tutor students from 3rd Grade to 12th Grade. Once registering at no cost, we will connect you with one of our instructors that has not only completed the course in question, but has extensive knowledge over the subject area. We cover most common subjects (math, english, history, sciences, and some languages) as well as many more electives (debate, programming, data analysis, entrepreneurship). If you have a subject that you think we may not cover, please email us, as we probably have a tutor that is knowledgable over the subject.

 After we connect you with an instructor, you can work to find time(s) that works for you and the instructor.  If you would like to request one of our instructors in particular, you may do so as well. You can see our instructor list on our About Page.

Personal Tutoring

Personal tutoring allows for an individual student to spend time working alone with one of our instructors. Students will receive nuanced feedback and instruction on how to complete problems while also learning strategies on how to approach them in the future. Students may work on a subject they cover in their own school or a suggest a subject they would like to learn more about.  

Cost – $45 per hour

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring allows for groups of 2-6 to work with an individual teacher. Groups will be working on the same subject so they all receive feedback on the same topic.  Students will receive the same nuanced feedback and instruction that they would receive individually, however they may spend more time working on problems alone while the instructor is assisting other students. Students may work on a subject they cover in school or suggest a subject they would like to learn more about.  

Cost – $30 per hour per person

Standardized Exam Tutoring

If you need help with problems on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE, OLSAT, SAT Subject Tests, or any other Standardized Exam, we offer tutoring that caters towards each individual test.  Students should come prepared with questions that they struggle on, or have completed a practice test/some practice problems before meeting with their instructor. Standardized Exam Tutoring can be taken as an individual or as a group.

Individual Cost – $45 per hour

Group Cost – $30 per hour per person